So the girl is as clever as she is pretty.

{ sweet brother }


            “……..Even if I did consent to joining Joffreys
              Kingsguard, Cersei Lannister will never agree
              I doubt even our Grandmother can convince her.
                                                                       Yet if Tywin or Cersei or even
                                                                       Joffrey himself agrees I will
                                                                       join the white cloaks. To 
                                                                       protect and look after 
                                                                       you and for no other
                                                                       reason. “

          ◤◢  Cersei Lannister does not choose the members
                           of the Kingsguard. If Joffrey is to marry me, then he will
                           do what it takes to please me. I am confident I can make
                           him consent.
                                                          Thank you. You know I would not ask
                                                           if there were any other I trusted to be
                                                           by my side.❞

{ m i n e }


         ”We are forever and always,
          ne’er do we leave the other.

                 He sighed happily as they stayed flush against each
                 other, gaze turned towards his mate now inhaling her
                 calming scent before sighing to himself muscles relaxing

        “I have not lied I have not lost
         my strength as of yet.  But if
         you desire the thrill, I will not
         argue against a descent meal.”

                                       His eyes looked upon her fangs
                                       smirking as he leaned foward to kiss her
                                       carefully caressing the fangs that
                                       could kill him easier than any - or
                                       so they assumed. 

          ◤◢   ❝Idiot. I couldn’t leave you 
                                if I tried. Not that I want to.

                                         Her arms looped around his shoulders, loosely.
                                         No force was needed to keep him close. It was
                                         natural, instinct. Even with their species, to be
                                         separated from him felt wrong. Her nose trailed
                                         down his jaw, the scent of him enveloping her
                                         and warming her from within.

                      You know I always love to hunt with you.
                        But taking prey from the same place more than
                        once could draw attention to us. Not that the
                        humans could ever contain us. I’ll kill anyone
                        who tries to take you from me.

                                                                  Even the thought of it made her lips pull
                                                                  back, her voice lower to a snarl. It was 
                                                                  almost uncontrollable, the anger she
                                                                  felt, teeth turning to razor fangs, just
                                                                  after she turned her head away. They
                                                                  had to be careful. The venom in her
                                                                  fangs could easily kill him, if she wasn’t
                                                                  careful. And if that happened, Margaery
                                                                  would never forgive herself.

The climate is a bit more forgiving back in Highgarden, Your Grace.

{ dany }


     Dany sat in the living room for what seemed like an eternity. She
     fluffed the dogs’ ears, flipped through channels, picked at her nails,
     all while Margaery got ready for their night at the bars. “Fucking hell,”
     Dany whispered under her breath. She did not want to be an hour 
     off schedule. She had already planned what drinks she was going 
     to get and right now, she wanted a bit of alcohol. 

                            “Hurry your sweet ass up, Margret!” 

                                                        Dany knew the nickname annoyed her.

     After pounding on the bathroom door for a long moment, her friend 
     finally exited the bathroom, not a hair out of place. She smacked her 
     lips together in annoyance, not saying a word but simply grabbing 
     her bag. She stood by the front door as Margaery gathered her things.
     Daenerys gave the three dogs a few kisses goodbye, but she was 
     still waiting. 

                                 ”If you don’t hurry up, your ass is walking to the bar.”


          ◤◢   ❝You can’t rush perfection, 
                                    not that you would know that.

                 When the door flew open, Daenerys was standing directly on the other
                 side. So impatient. It was almost comical to Margaery how different the
                 two were. Her friend had a schedule to keep, and a strict one at that. Even
                 for a simple night out. Margaery greatly preferred to be flexible. Besides,
                 Dany’s plans always got them there far too early, before all the cool
                 people arrived. It was always good style to show up late.

                 So, she always took an obnoxiously long time to prepare, even though
                 it annoyed Dany. It was better than showing up to a club when it opened.
                You had to wait until there was a line of people that couldn’t get in to
                watch you go in front of them. 

.                                                                                       ❝As if. 
                                                                        These heels do not walk.
                                                                      Come on, I’m worth the wait.

                 And as she collected her things for the night - phone, extra mascara,
                 ID, keys, she flashed a smile worthy of the big screen. Besides, Dany
                 always forgave her as soon as they were out. 

.                                                    ❝Ok. Ready. Let’s go. And don’t let your
                                                         mutts get white hair on me, this is Dior.
                                                   Honestly, you make it so hard to wear black.❞

Wherever she went, the smallfolk fawned on her, and Lady Margaery did all she could to fan their ardor. She was forever giving alms to beggars, buying hot pies off bakers’ carts, and reining up to speak to common tradesmen.


"Margaery was different, though. Sweet and gentle, yet there was a little of her grandmother in her, too."

She was forever giving alms to beggars, buying hot pies off bakers’ carts, and reining up to speak to common tradesmen.


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