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Ok, chums, so my muse for Margy has been dwindling lately, so I’m going to be putting her on hiatus. Maybe it’ll be temporary, maybe it’ll end up being permanent, it all depends on when and if I want to write her again. I’ll reblog this a few times in the next few days so my partners see.

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Details to Die For! ➝ Valentino f/w 2013-14

Details to Die For!  Valentino f/w 2013-14


Perfect is very boring, and if you happen to have a different look, that’s a celebration of human nature, I think. If we were all symmetrical and perfect, life would be very dull.

"Just go. Leave."



【❀ℒ✿】—- Even as the harsh words stab at his heart repeatedly & pain blooms over his entire being, Loras refuses to move, arms wrapped tightly at her waist. He hadn’t meant for it to happen. He hadn’t meant to meet a man more wonderful that life itself & that treated him like a prince. The chance encounter with Renly Baratheon had been one of fate. But not ever, not once, had he loved Margaery any less. She was all his body knew for so long now. Nimble fingers could map out every sweet curve of her body in the dark. His lips knew every soft & sensitive spot to poke at. Loras loved his Margaery more than anything in this world. But by all the hells & heavens, Renly had somehow pushed in beside her.

"I’m sorry, Margy….please, I love you, you know that." He’s not going to let go of her ever, never, ever, never, his grip just tightens even, face burying into a rose scented neck. "I didn’t mean for this to happen!" For months now the hazel eyed youth had beat himself up constantly for hurting her like this, hurting Renly, hurting himself, so many tears spent from conflict. “Please don’t leave me, pretty rose. You’re a half of me…I need you, I love you. My mind is constantly filled with your face.” But now Renly’s is there too with it’s handsome smile, deep blue eyes, jet black hair, body that makes him scream like nothing else. What should he do? Why is it so hard? He just wants both his lovers.

Finally tears so well known begin to pool in those pretty orbs that stream instantly against honeyed skin beneath. Loras can’t lose her, he just cant. But would Margaery make him give up his Apollo? That sweet ray of sunshine? & the question is. Would Loras even the other away if asked? He’s too far in with this man now to simply walk. But then there’s his so very precious sister that’s loved her brother so hard, so passionately, so perfectly.There’s no way Loras can lose her either. Everything is such a mess isn’t it? It’s all so twisted & he just wants Margaery to hold him and say she still loves him, that nothing will change, he’s her world, though he’s opened it to another…

A sob escapes those sweet lips finally, broken & scared. "I love you. I love you, I love you. I don’t know what else to say other than that! I’m sorry? Do you want me to get on my knees and beg? Because I’ll do it for you, only for you." This must be the most pathetic scene of his entire life. Because never once before had Loras sunk into a mess like this. Only Margaery can reduce him to this….

And now Renly can too.


  • Name: Queen Margaery, of House Tyrell
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Style/Color: Brown, curling and thick in long ringlets.
  • Height: 5’5” or so.
  • Clothing Style: Light silk summer gowns in an array of colors and very precise cutouts to show skin.
  • Best Physical Feature: Her face? Margaery doesn’t really have any bad physical features, truth be told.
  • Fears: losing her brothers, being along, being unwanted/unloved.
  • Guilty Pleasure: None.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: People who are cruel to the weak.
  • Ambition for the Future: Become queen.
  • First Thoughts Waking Up: What to wear that day.
  • What They Think About the Most: Becoming queen, bettering her family, helping those less fortunate than herself.
  • What They Think About Before Bed: Her family.
  • What They Think Their Best Quality Is: Kindness, beauty, and intelligence.
  • Single or Group Dates: Single.
  • To be Loved or Respected: Loved.
  • Beauty or Brains: Both.
  • Dogs or Cats: Cats.
  • Lie: Yes.
  • Believe in Yourself: Yes.
  • Believe in Love: For some.
  • Want Someone: If they have a crown.
  • Been on Stage: Yes.
  • Done Drugs: Not really.
  • Changed Who You Were to Fit In: Yes.
  • DOB:  283 AC in Highgarden.
  • Age You Lost Your Virginity: N/a.
  • Does Age Matter: Not really.
  • Best Personality: Someone who is kind, smart, ambitious, and gentle
  • Best Eye Color: Whatever.
  • Best Hair Color: Whatever.
  • Best thing to do with a Partner: Walk, ride, talk.
  • I love: my family.
  • I feel: lucky in my life.
  • I hide: almost everything.
  • I miss: my brothers, my mother.
  • I wish: I could be queen to a true king.

make me choose » anonymous asked Anne Boleyn or Margaery Tyrell

name: Jackie
height: 5’2”
eye color: blue
favorite color: purple/turquoise
best school subject(s): english/gender studies
current shirt color:
 black & purple
day or night: night
religion: buddhist
gender: female
sexual orientation: pansexual
single or taken: too busy ruling the world for a SO
celebrity crush
: alfie allen
coffee or tea: both
favorite food: lasagna


                               ❝  𝓑ut, what about finding out
                                   if you really are expecting? 

𝓦as he the only one who wanted
to know? Or was she asking him to 
stay because she needed him to be
strong for the both of them? 

                                                       𝓒ould he be strong? 

𝓣he questions haunted his mind
as he stood there before her, 
unsure of what it was he should do. 
But, one thing was for sure, and that
was that he hated feeling like this 
  — He hated feeling so helpless, 
unable to do anything to stop his
inner demons from taking over 
all of his senses. 

                               ❝ 𝕴 will stay, but, we really
                                   do need to find out. 

                    𝕴f not for your sake, then for my own. 
                    I need to know. I need to plan.


𝓢haking his golden head, Jace ran
his fingers through his hair, as he came
to realize that he was scaring her. It was not
his intension, but now he had to play it off as if
it were nothing at all, other then shock. 

                               ❝  𝓣here’s nothing wrong, alright?
                                   It’s just a bit shocking… And sudden.
                                   I’m sure that if we are expecting, there
                                   will be nothing to worry about, other then
                                   being scolded from, Alec.  

         ◤◢ ❝We can go tomorrow, I promise.
                         I want to know for sure too. But
                         I’m almost certain…

                               Her voice drifted off as she lowered her head, an arm wrapping
                               protectively around her stomach. How she knew, she couldn’t
                               say. But she didn’t need a test. It was something she could feel
                               in her bones. And right now, all she needed was Jace to remain
                               by her side and comfort her.

                               But she didn’t say that aloud. Instead, she reached out to him,
                               running her hands across his waist and pulling him in. She
                               tilted her head up to look at him, working to keep the worry
                               off of her face. It took a moment, but soon she could manage
                               a smile. He was hiding something. He probably needed her as
                               much as she needed him. But what was scaring him so, she had
                               no way of knowing,if he wouldn’t tell her.

                      ❝I'm sorry if I scared you. I
                        shouldn’t have sprung this
                        on you. I’m sorry, Jace.

                                             She lowered her hands, twining their fingers together.
                                             It was a small thing, but it helped to make her feel
                                             better about the entire situation. If Jace was to be
                                             believed, and the baby would be healthy, then
                                             everything else would be all right. She knew it.
                                             Margaery had Jace, and soon they would have a
                                             child. Perhaps a gorgeous boy with Jace’s golden
                                             eyes, or a beautiful girl with his golden hair.

                                                             The thought was enough to
                                                            bring a true smile to her face.

                               ❝I love you, you know. Are you sure nothing is
                          worrying you? You know you can tell me anything.


                      ❝ — 𝓑utwhy? You know
                         that I am yours. You know
                         that my heart belongs to you
                         and you alone…❞

f he had wanted, Jace
knew that he could convince
her to let this go. He knew
the practice of how to make
ones words softer and
more convincing. After all,
his father, Valentine had taught
him all to well.

                                                      𝓑ut. He could not do it.
                                                      Not to her.

𝓗is fingers continued to
brush across her
pale, soft skin. His eyes
taking on a softer tone as
he prayed to the angels 
that this would quell any 
doubts she might still
harbor towards his former


                      ❝ 𝓨ou know… I think I’ve wanted you
                         the moment I got that text of yours. 
                         It’s funny, but the more I think of it,
                         I knew there was something about you
                         even though I had never met you, save  
                         those texts we shared. It’s why I asked to 
                         meet you. Most likely its why I got drunk in
                         the first place and agreed to marry you…

                         𝓐nd now that I have you,
                         I want to keep you.
                         I want to make you happy,
                         and I have no idea
                         how to do that.
                         After all, I’m not rich and I live
                         an extremely dangerous life…❞

𝓗is eyes followed to where
she turned over his palm.
The sight of the marriage 
rune that bound them together.

                      ❝ 𝓢o does this mean that
                         you finally understand?
                         That you see that I am
                          bound to you?❞

        ◤◢ ❝I do know. I’m sorry. I just love
                        you so much, the idea of losing
                        you makes me crazy. I don’t mean
                        it. I’m worried yes, but I know you
                        love me. I’m sorry, Jace. I love you.❞

                                                She would try. Margaery meant every word she said.
                                                And she didn’t truly think that Jace would leave her,
                                                even for a moment. Silently, she cursed her own
                                                insecurity, wished that she had never said anything.

                        Then again, she did feel better knowing about his past.
                        Certainly now that he had reassured her that is was she
                        that he loved. Margaery knew that Jace was a man of few
                        words, and the way he had opened up to her was what
                        quelled her fears more than anything else.

                                                And I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you.
                                                   I don’t regret anything, Jace. Not marrying you in
                                                   Vegas, not drinking from the mortal cup, not binding
                                                   myself to you in the way of the nephilim. Nothing.
                                                   I’d do it all again, for you.❞

                        She paused, lowering her head to his hand, to the rune that
                        was mirrored on the back of her own. Her lips skimmed across
                        the marriage rune there. The magic in it sparked against her
                        lips like electricity, reminding her of how much she loved him.

                                                                     Yes. I do believe you.
                                                                        I know that I am yours,
                                                                        and you know that you
                                                                        are mine. I could ask
                                                                        for nothing more.
                                                                        I’m sorry.❞



                                “Good” Phenix said, bobbing her head as
                             she thought. One crisis avoided. The last bit
                                     made her smile. “Oh, you would be fine
                              without them. You would be the same as you
                                      were before you met me. Savvy, clever, 
                                 s t r o n g.”

                The second squeeze made pale, silver-blue eyes
                 meet those of the noblewoman, and she chuckled.
                “I think we are both lucky, in this.. Arrangement.
                    You are quite possibly the only well-intentioned
                noblewoman I’ve yet met.” She did not interact with
                others of the nobility— not unless she had to, which
               was, blessedly, rare.

                          “.. Yes. We are friends.” she said
                           softly, marveling at the thought. A
                            friend. She liked the thought of that.
                              And Margaery was a good friend
                            to have.
                             ”I will do everything in my power
                              to protect you. You know that. It
                            is something you will never need to
                             question.” she added, squeezing once
                             more, before pausing. “The king expects 
                             you soon. Is there anything else you need 
                            of me?” she frowned, “Will you need me
                               to come with you, or stay here?”

         ◤◢ I know. I trust you. You would never lead me
                         astray. In fact, you happen to be one of the only
                         people in this stinking city that I am certain is
                         on my side. And the Gods only know how many
                         times you have helped me out of a bind. Perhaps
                         even saved my life. Taking care of you is the least
                         I can do to repay that enormous debt.

                                       She gave a smile, turning from Phenix to let her eyes
                                       drift over herself in the mirror once more. Her silks
                                       were light and airy, just the right amount of skin
                                       exposed. With any luck, the kind would be in good
                                       spirits today. It was imperative that he trust her with
                                       his life. And beauty was important in that. Phenix
                                       made a good handmaiden, she had to admit.

                       You know I hate having you around the king. I
                         don’t want him to have any excuse to suspect
                         you of being anything more than a handmaiden.
                         The Gods forbid you have a vision when he is
                         there. Can you find something else to do while
                         I am out today? Something safe? Please understand,
                         I want you at my side, but it isn’t safe for you. I
                         have to protect you as best as I can.