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                    no. u look drunk.

and here we have loras with the
 painfully obvious, as per usual.

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nymehros said: ' closet ' ( y o o bc why not ? :3 )
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result number: 9 ;; rough kiss

          ◤◢   She had to admit, Margaery was less than
                        pleased at the prospect of going into the
                        closet with Oberyn. He was a Martell, after
                       all, and while he was friends with her eldest
                       brother, that didn’t make her feel any warmer
                       toward him. But people were staring, and if
                       she refused, it would say more than she was
                       willing to admit. So, shrugging, she stood and
                       followed him into the nearby closet.

                             As soon as the door clicked closed, her brown eyes went to his
                             face. He was smirking, as usual, but not making any motion to
                             get closer to her. Who would have thought the man famous for
                             sleeping around would have had manners? A long moment passed,
                             and Margaery made no move, but nor did he. Though she thought
                             she noticed the corner of his mouth fall a fraction of a degree.

                                         She wouldn’t have even agreed to play this
                                         stupid game if she hadn’t already been a
                                         couple drinks worse for wear. Silently, she
                                         cursed her low tolerance for alcohol. But
                                         even as she did, the liquor made her brave
                                         enough not to look away. Still, neither of
                                         them moved. It was as if they were in a
                                         movie, daring the other to draw their gun.
                                         And Margaery was never one to back down
                                         from a good dare.

                              ❝Fuck it,❞ she breathed, more to
                                herself than to Oberyn, before closing
                                the distance between them, her hands
                                going to the back of his neck to drag his
                                face down to hers.

                                                  As soon as she moved, he sprang into motion,
                                                  as if he had been waiting the whole time. As if
                                                  he had known she would succumb. That would
                                                  have irritated her, if she was still able to form a
                                                  coherent thought. But his hands - his mouth -
                                                  drove all reason from her instantly.

                         Their lips crashed together, hardly waiting a moment
                          before there was teeth, tongue. Her hand curled into
                          the hair at the back of his neck, clutching him against
                          her. His hands were strong and decided, one wrapping
                          around her waist to pull her smaller body against his and
                          the other tangled in her curls to keep her face where he
                         could reach it. Margaery’s instinct took over, all thought
                         of names or old grudges long gone.

           Almost without her realizing she was moving,
           he gently pushed her backward until her spine
           was pressed to the wall. And still, he was
           relentless. But by now, Margaery was holding
           her own, matching his intensity. Teeth and
           tongue hit each other, but neither of them backed
           away an inch. Not until what seemed like only a
           second later, when there was a sharp knock on the
           closet door.

                                 The seven minutes were up, and they broke apart.
                                 Her cheeks were flushed and red, but this time, her
                                 smirk was every bit as wide as his.

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7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN! DON’T READ BELOW THE CUT!! My muse has drawn your number! Send me “closet” and I’ll generate a number to see what our muses do while stuck in the closet for 7 minutes.


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The Rose & The Angel || Margaery and Jace

{ jace }

              Blood was bound to be spilled for the new age within
              the realm. Whether it be in the name of the new or old
              King. But, it did not have to be spilled upon this night
              for Jace had well planned on staying hidden within 
              his visit. The rune was a simple one, as it cloaked 
              him from view of the eyes of the unwanted. 

                             She, like on so many visits, was the 
                             was the only one who could see him.

                  And though he longed for the day where could
                  could make his appearance before her known 
                  to all; to prove that sweet whispers he had 
                  confessed to her, had not been for naught.
                  He knew he would have to wait
                                                       - -— at least until the plans 
                                                               that the Clave had set
                                                               were well in motion. 


With a sigh, he gave her a simple shrug
                          of his shoulders, while he picked up one 
                          of her brushes. Slowly, he twisted it idly 
                          within his hand, as golden hues set upon 
                          her lovely form. 

                                                  As he soaked in her natural beauty
                                                  a coy smile played upon his lips.

            ❝ — If you are asking me why it is I am  
                    here within your room, my answer
                    is;  you .  
                                - -— My second would be in the
                                        name of officia  Clave business .
                    So surly you understand when I say,
                    I cannot tell you?

          ◤◢   She recognized the smile on his face, noticed the way
                        his smirk turned cocky. She wouldn’t throw him out,
                        they both knew as much. Margaery had never before
                        asked him to leave, and she wouldn’t now. Because
                        even with the danger, she knew that in an instant,
                        Jace could be gone, or invisible. It made her grin,
                        melted her fears.

                                       ❝Won’t the Clave be angry if they
                                          hear of you taking time off of their
                                          official business to sneak into the
                                          future queen’s chambers?❞

                               But she said it with a smirk. The Clave, strict as they were,
                               cared nothing for the lives of their shadowhunters. As long
                               as they carried out their missions - and Jace always did -
                               they turned a blind eye to what their members did behind
                               closed doors. Thank the Gods for that.

                     With one final glance about the room, out the door, she
                     was satisfied that they were alone. Besides, if there were
                     some watching or listening, Jace would surely know it.
                     And he stood relaxed and confident, in a way that very
                     few men did. It was something she had always noticed
                     about him, even long ago when she was hardly more than
                     a child. But then, he had been young then, too.

                                 She smiled, stepped forward, letting her fingertips
                                 skim up his arms. Her head lifted, bringing her face
                                 up and touching a kiss to his jaw, before pulling away
                                 again with a playful grin.

                                                   ❝Your planes won’t come between
                                                      me and my throne will they? I’ve worked
                                                      hard to become queen, you know?

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{ rickon }


            ❝You must return to your home,
             to your family? I shan’t be cross
             with you, then. Howbeit, I shall
             miss you very much. Mayhaps you
             can oft visit? For I know naught on
             how to write letters and send ravens.❞

          ◤◢  Yes, to my family. But I will come
                          to visit you when I can. And I will write
                          letters to you for your mother to read to
                          you. Perhaps one day, you can even come
                          visit me in Highgarden. Would you like that,
                          my little Lord?❞

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{ beloved brother }


"I’m here, Margaery, I promise you. I will not allow you to marry without me being by your side to protect you. You have my word." 

Loras had long since accepted that the world would never be the same as it was, it was a far darker and duller place than it had been. Yet he would not allow his sister to sucome to the same fate. He lived now to two things, is family and revenge, and his hand squeezed his sister’s back in comfort. 

"We very rarely get what we deserve, sister. You deserve a husband who will be kind to you, who will love you and yet you are marrying the monster who is King. I wish may things were different."

          ◤◢  When he squeezed her hand, she remembered him as a
                       child. Vibrant and full of life - prepared to eat the world raw.
                      And how he had been with Renly. He had been shining and
                      golden, believed himself to be invincible. Love would do that
                      to a person, she had heard. And in her brother, she had seen
                      it firsthand. And now that was gone, lost with Renly’s life. It
                      pained her. She longed for his happiness. In a perfect world,
                      he would have been. But this world was not paradise.

                             ❝I go to marry Joffrey of my own accord. Not all of
                               us are destined for love in this life. You are one of the
                               lucky ones, and I am sorry that happiness couldn’t last.
                               But you remaining at my side means more to me than
                               I can say, Loras. Thank you.❞

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