to conquer:
sweetandgentle ;  
"Ser Jaime," the queen murmured as she walked in front of him, large brown eyes locked on his own green ones, and they both knew that he would follow. Mercifully, the small hall was empty, as she had hoped. As soon as he closed the door from the throne room, leaving her boy-husband behind him, Margaery crossed to the knight, her knight, slipping an arm around his shoulders, and kissed him.


                                             Your grace… 

                  There’s a small hum to his words, emeralds falling to browns as armor clanged melodically against his chest in the turn of body leaving that of the door. This was a dangerous game they played, that was quite clear, and yet the thrill of being caught was almost half the fun.

          She is not t h e Queen,
               but she is h i s Queen,

                                         his little rose &
                                         his secret love.

                    He has gotten used to her touch, so different from ones he’s felt before. Gentler, never as demanding. He no longer flinched at the feel of her fingers on his flesh, and the care he once held for the monstrous lack of hand was no more.

                                                     An arm wrapped about her waist,
                                                     & he pulled her nearer, nose nuzzling
                                                     her own in case the moment lasted little.

           M a r g a e r y

                             A soft whisper as lips touched hers,
                             tender, melting into her as they had
                             been deceived of this small pleasure
                             for what was already far too long.

                                                Secret as it was —-

                      S H E   WAS   H I S,
                              &   H E   WAS   H E R S, 

                                          and not even the Queen Regent
                                          could take that away from them.


Littlelionjoffrey’s 400+ Follow Forever

Or, rather, the transition from: Now there’s a talented writer. To: Wait, a l l of these are following me?

             Welcome to the destination of insanity. It appears a number of you may have wandered along the way to get here, but having ultimately situated yourself in a seat to stay, I assume you’re satisfied with the world I’ve created for us. It’s rather difficult for me to explain what I am placing into this appreciation, for this is the first time in a little over ten months that I have thrown one of these together. Why the wait, you ask? Well, in case you have never been aware of this, you are a rather complex person to describe. All of you, and in the best of ways. I may never have put forth the invitation to casually play around, but I pay my attention to those who have stuck with me over my lengthily hiatuses.

             As most of you whom allowed me the chance of interaction are familiarized with, I remain an infamous roleplay partner known best for my time away. In truth, out of the ten months I have been around, stating I have been active for three of them is a stretch. Hence, my gratitude towards the growing number of you who regard my written portrayal as justice for George’s character, a very difficult task to take on, continues to radiate amongst my inclination to click a Like on your posts, threads or otherwise, and perhaps a snippet of anonymous encouragement to get a few of you through the day. We have all been in a place of ridicule, as I like to put it, which is why I sincerely found it necessary to regard those who I wholeheartedly admire, and deserve my thanks.

             Though I have lost a few hundred of you over the months, may I present to you the abundance of perfection I continually praise over my experience in this community.

「   S m a l l C o u n c i l ;;

                          Words cannot express these beloved few in my written adventures. We may not have spoken, and you may not have taken notice of my fancying your work, but I highly regard your devotion, and admire your talents. Inspiration is key to both acting a character, and writing a character.

  • You did not choose your muse, it chose you.

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「  」━━ B a e l o r ;;

                          No matter my love for those who I have met, I have known the loss of some exceptional muses, and delightful muns. The following is a set of users who I would trade my blackened heart for if it meant to speak with them again.

  • I have had the pleasure of finding you again.

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「  」━━ R e i g n ;;

                          The grace of another handful whom will never leave my word of praise. My, have I seen the lot of you grow, not to mention the n u m b e r of you. Ten months these eyes have witnessed, and I couldn’t be more proud of the writers in this fandom, and all the others who have found their way into my—— well, my destination of insanity, if you recall. Please, if you would, take a moment to appoint this list with the esteem they deserve.

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                           As a final note, I give thanks to silkssongsandchivalry and maimedlion for their contribution in assisting me on the task of putting this together. And, of course, if you find that your name is not on these lists, that is no doubt a mistake on your King’s behalf.

                          " Thank you. "
        The Queen has called the court to an end. [ x ]



"What gave it away? The sweating or the shaking hands?"

              — - “Bit of both, really.
         Don’t worry. I love you, so they will, too.”




    ❝More kind indeed.

     Yet winters winds are slowly approaching.

     Where shall we enjoy the rest

     of summer?❞

— - “Anywhere warm, I think.
         Tell me, my Lady, have you
         ever seen Highgarden? It is
         lovely there. Even in the winter,
         the Reach is not unbearable.”

              — - “Robb Stark sends his mother to make an
                  alliance with Renly, yes, but why did he send you
                     with her? If I am not being to bold, my Lord.”



     ”She doesn’t approve of a lot of things!”
     The boy said playfully, lowering himself
     by scaling the wall slowly to join Margaery
     at ground level.  Once both feet had met
     the ground, he gave a grin to the female
     who had known him as long as his sisters.
     ”Besides, I’ve never fallen— not once.” 
     And not even the clay dummy pushed from
     a top of the roof, could scare Bran away
     from it.

            — - “You know she only scolds you because she
                       loves you and worries for you, You should
                       try to listen to her a little more.” But the Tyrell
                       smiled, extending her hand and running it
                       through the young Stark’s hair fondly. She
                       was the youngest of her siblings, but the Starks
                       were her family too, in a different way. “I'm
                       not going to tell you to stop, but please be careful.”



— - “have always loved lemon cakes. 
       Back in Winterfell I used to eat them so much, 
   that one day I made myself sick. My mother was infuriated
                                 but even that didn’t stop me from eating them!

— - “That is an astonishing commitment to cakes!”
                                   She laughed.
                    “I once made myself sick on apple tarts,
               and now I can hardly even look at them without shuddering.”

            — - “Winter may be coming, Lady Stark,
                      but Summer is certainly more kind.
                  We should enjoy it while we can, I think.”

              — - “So…
       Are you nervous to meet my parents?”